Be Noble

Welcome to Be Noble Entertainment

I see Be Noble Entertainment as a meeting place for connection. An event we host is more than an excuse for friends to get together. It’s an opportunity to show up for yourself and for the people you care about. Yes, we ask you questions, and you tell us answers, but we also care how you got them. Are you circling in your mind to find them or are you listening to your gut and trusting you know. Are you coming together with friends to achieve something?

We create spaces for even when you don’t achieve it, you still feel like you’re a part of something. Something safe. Something fun. Something that you can keep coming back to. It’s a pillar in the week that you know you can go to if you feel like you need connection, entertainment, and a place to use your mind for you. I’m building a company that prioritises trusting our instincts to continually grow with and for our audiences.

About Me

I bring people together. I have an amazing talent to get people to believe in themselves. This is what makes me a great host. A lot of the time people know the answers to the questions but just are doubting themselves or over complicating/ overthinking it. I have a grounded presence that can allow teams to slow down and feel into the answers they need. Plus, I’m funny. Yeah, your man has many gears that I shift into throughout the night.

Bringing that exuberance to the microphone and engaging a whole venue and then coming to your table and connecting with you and your friends because that’s my favourite part. I put on a show for the audience, while holding the energy of the room. That way they feel like they are in a safe environment, they trust that i know what i’m doing and they can relax and enjoy the night. I have been performing since kindergarten (ask about my Elvis impersonation) so captivating an audience is second nature to me.

What I love about this job is what I can do once I have it. Trivia can be an unassuming point of connection that people fall into having the best night of the week. I love bringing that realisation to others. That this simple act can be exactly what they needed. I just love bringing people together and helping them trust themselves.

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