Be a Noble Host

If you want to create a night that you can make your own, we are always looking for talented humans to work alongside. Become a Be Noble Host and get trained on how to create a memorable night of fun, community and connection. We’ll show you the blueprints to succeed while giving you the opportunity to create unique moments of joy for players. This is the best side gig going. We also pay our host more than most because we want uniquely talented humans.


  • Energy and confidence in front of an audience – our hosts can have 100+ players at any given night, so it is important that they can not only capture the attention of a crowd, but hold the energy and elevate it for an incredible night.
  • Be able to connect with others – Be Noble events are all about connection. That stems from you. By connecting one-on-one with players we foster the community we want to see.
  • Self directed – Our shows are dynamic and ever evolving. We are looking for people that will put their own spin on a night and make it their own. We support our hosts by backing them in making events the best they can be.
  • Entertaining – You are the driving force that not only will keep people engaged but keep them coming back every week. It takes a special human to get people excited about their shows week in, week out.
  • Kind – Not only for the patrons that you will be serving, but for the Be Noble team. We are a close, tight knit group that wants to work with good people.

One of the best things about being a hosts of Be Noble Entertainment is the flexibility.

We want hosts to find a venue that works for them and to be in it for the long haul so they can grow an audience of their own. We also understand that this might only be a 1-2 night  a week commitment and doesn’t pay all the bills. That’s why we all help each other out around time off.

We’ve got a great crew that can fill in around holidays or your own shows outside of us.

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